Documentation for meticulous!


You can install meticulous for Python via pip from PyPI.

pip install meticulous

Before you begin

Before you begin make sure your favourite editor is set in your EDITOR environment variable, alternatively if you want to use a different editor for meticulous than your default editor you can set this in METICULOUS_EDITOR.

Meticulous will clone repositories that it is fixing to the directory ~/data by default, however this can be adjusted on the command line to an alternative location by specifying the –target argument.

The process needs a personal access token to access GitHub and the personal access token is kept safe using pass which will need to be installed.

You can find instructions on creating a GitHub personal access token at creating a personal access token.

It should be added to pass under the entry github-api-token.

Quick Start

After installing meticulous and following the before you begin guide, you can run it via…

python -m meticulous

Now you will view the main command line menu. The general process for finding and fixing typos is…

‘add a new repository’ which forks and clones a repository and runs the spell checker to look for typos.

‘examine a repository’ which opens the spell checker output report in your chosen editor. You should find a typo to fix and then correct this in the file it indicates it was found in and then used ‘git add’ to stage this change.

‘prepare a change’ examines your staged change to work out what the typo was and what the correction is.

‘prepare a pr/issue’ this allows you to examine the contribution guide and issue templates for a repository to work out if a full or short issue should be lodged. After an issue is lodged, a commit can be submitted which will create a pull request that automatically resolves the created issue with the fix to the typo.

‘remove a repository’ this cleans up the on-disk clone and the cycle repeats.

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